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Out-Site Plan Equipments

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Equipments Standard
ADSS OFC OES-004-045-02
Aerial In-Line Closure for Optical Fiber Cable OES-001-084-02
Armoured Optical Fiber Cable for Access Service OES-004-052-02
Armoured Optical Fiber Drop Cable (Round Type) OES-004-055-01
ARSS OFC OES-004-054-01
Cable Supports OES-003-055-02
Fiber Optic Splitter OES-001-076-03
FTTx Aerial In-Line Terminal (SDP/ODP Aerial In-Line Terminal for FTTx) OES-002-045-02
FTTx Aerial In-Line Terminal Closure (Aerial In-Line Closure for FTTx) OES-001-080-02
FTTx Outlet OES-002-042-01
Heat shrinkable Tube for Unshielded Twisted Pair Dropwire(0.5 mmX 1 Pair) OES-003-118-01
In-Line Closure for Optical Fiber Cable (In-Line Closure for Core Network) OES-001-073-04
Machine Bolts, Double Arming Bolts and Carriage Bolts OES-003-025-05
Optical Fiber Drop Cable (Round Type) OES-004-049-03
Optical Fiber Terminal Kit (OFTK) OES-004-056-02
Preformed Guy Grips, Dead Ends and Strand Splices OES-003-038-03
Single Mode Fiber Patchcord and Pigtail(FC/UPC,SC/UPC,LC/UPC) OES-004-033-02
Single Mode Fiber Patchcord and PigtailZSC/APC,LC/APC) OES-004-036-02
Single Mode Optical Fiber Cable OES-004-030-04
Stainless Steel Bands and Buckets OES-003-002-01
Thimble Preformed Suspension for Self Support Cable OES-003-122-02
Thimbleye Bolts OES-003-024-01
Washer OES-003-013-01